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 Proposed Topics

1. Methods for studying allelopathy.


2. Allelochemical: isolation, identification, biosynthesis and applications.


3. Molecular mechanisms of allelopathy.


4. Role of allelopathy in biological invasion.


5. Allelopathy in natural ecosystems, agriculture and forestry.


6. Allelopathic interactions between plants and other organisms including insects, pathogens, endophytes, mycorrhizal fungi.


7. Others (suggested).


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The final message from the organizer Professor Yoshiharu Fujii:


Report of the 4th Asian Allelopathy meeting:


It has just been one week from the 4th Asian Allelopathy meeting in Tokyo.


We would like to thank to all the participants for coming to this meeting.

We appreciate your great contribution to the meeting.


We are also happy to usefully finish this time meeting and hand over the next meeting to the country of Pakistan. The next meeting would be held in 2021, 3 years from now.

I think it will be announced on the homepage of Asian Allelopathy Society (AAS).


The 4th AAS meeting homepage for the conference will close in about one month.


Therefore and hereby I send you a very brief report of our last meeting:


The total Number of participants: 91

Country 18

Major 3 countries were:

Japan 32, China 24, Pakistan 7.

Participants came from 18 countries including West Asia and Africa.


Keynote speech: 7

Oral presentation: 24 (in the abstract, 30)

Poster Presentation: 45


Oral presentation award and Poster presentation award including gold, silver and bronze, were given to the students, by the evaluation committee consisted of 12 Professors.


18 Sep. 2018


Prof. Yoshiharu FUJII, Organizer of 4th AAS meeting



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Organizing Committee 

  • Nippon Carbide Industries Co., INC. 
  • The Weed Science Society of Japan (WSSJ)

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Study Excursion, (Optional)

A short tour to  Man'yo Botanical Garden will be held on September 9th.

Man'yo Botanical Garden contains 160 Japanese traditional plants

The tour will be guided by Professor Fujii, It will Start at 10:00 am from University

So please gather in front of Building Number at the time.

for more information, please read the details of 
The Fourth International Conference of Asian Allelopathy Society
in the provided documents below.

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